Herd Health & Hoof Services

The Hoofman can offer you a range of services to help you reduce issues with lame cows, as well as create a long-term, healthy herd strategy to tackle the root causes of hoof issues on your farm.

We’re Waikato-based, can provide preventative trimming to up to 80 cows per day, and as Johan isn’t just a trimmer but is also a qualified veterinary technician and experienced dairy farmer, you know your cows will get the best care possible.

Assessment & Treatment of Lame Cows

Lame cows need immediate treatment to help reduce their impact on your bottom line.  Johan, The Hoofman, is not only a trimmer but is also a qualified veterinary technician and can provide safe, effective and stress-free treatment for your lame cows using expert techniques and our state-of-the-art hydraulic WOPA cattle crush. This gives your cows the best chance of a fast and full recovery.

Expert Hoof Trimming

Regular hoof trimming can keep your herd healthy. Hoof trimming of your cows’ claws can help improve their gait and re-balances the weight distribution on their claws. This helps to stop live tissue damage on the inside of the claw and reduces lameness. It’s also good to note that incorrect trimming of the outer claw by non-professionals can exacerbate issues directly leading to lameness, so protect your herd by hiring a professional. We can provide preventative trimming services for up to 80 cows per day, so book us now.

Tech-Based Farm Strategy

Early detection and prevention of lame cows is important for protecting farm profitability. Our smart technology helps you to track hoof issues in your herd while recording and collating data on lesions leading to lameness. We can then work with you and your team to identify the root causes leading to lameness on your farm and create strategies to help. 

Regular Maintenance Checks

Regular hoof maintenance checks for your herd should be part of your strategy to prevent lameness. The Hoofman can operate on-site as part of your team to provide consistent and experienced hoof care for your herd and help you increase farm profitability. We can work with both small herds and large herds, and have the ability to provide preventative trimming services for up to 80 cows per day.

Hoof Knife Sharpening

Maintaining your hoof care equipment is key to looking after your cow’s hooves and reducing health and safety risks. Johan is experienced at servicing hoof knives and tools, so if your hoof equipment is in need of a spruce up or you need help sourcing hoof equipment, please let us know.

We Believe in Safer Farms & Smart Technology


Reliable Reporting & Smart Tracking




Never worry about losing treatment records, tracking hoof health or managing hoof-related animal welfare issues when working with The Hoofman. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with reliable Cloud-based treatment records, scheduled re-checks, and individual and herd health reports that can be easily shared with your vet.





Fast & Safe Animal Handling

Your cows’ happiness is our top priority and our state-of-the-art WOPA hydraulic cattle crush includes integrated foot support blocks that allow us to create a stress-free environment for fast, safe and effective treatment.

This high-tech cattle crush also allows us to quickly treat large numbers of cows and it is also extremely mobile and stable. We can set up wherever is most convenient for your farm, all we need to operate is a standard 240v power supply, a concrete pad and a high-pressure water supply.


Biosecurity Procedures

We take herd health seriously. As we come to you, it’s important you know what safety procedures we take to protect your farm.

  • All equipment is cleaned and disinfected before we enter your property. The WOPA animal handler is cleaned with a high-pressure water blaster before being sprayed with a concentrated solution of isopropyl alcohol (a powerful disinfectant that kills viruses, bacteria and fungi).
  • On the farm we take hoof hygiene seriously and take the time to clean off your cow’s hooves before we start the trimming and treatment process. 
  • Before leaving any farm we dispose of all consumable products used then disinfect our equipment and vehicles using isopropyl alcohol.

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    We had The Hoofman in for the first time and were amazed how great a job he does and the cows love it, so relaxed. We will be getting him back again

    Andrew Dreadon , Farmer

    On behalf of my parents Shaun and Vanessa Dempsey. We were really impressed with the set up. Johan provided a very clean, tidy, professional service and was happy to take the time to explain each process,the cows weren't stressed at all. Many Thanks

    Vance Dempsey, Farmer's Son

    Still in awe of this mornings visit from Johan and his set up. What a fantastic, easy, no drama way to do cows feet. Super fast and knowledgeable. Love Love Love ... will be using The Hoofman again 

    Catherine Terry, Farmer

    Thanks a lot Johan. I was very impressed with ur machine and the job that was done. Cows were not stressed at all. Will see u again for sure.

    Brad Critchley, Farmer

    Genuinely cannot believe how amazing Johan is - first time observing Johan at work and can not rate him enough.

    I am really nosy and ask a million questions anyway, so it was great to be able to have a chat while he was working.

    Cows were calm and well looked after.

    Definitely the top man for the job!

    Jacinta Lee Joy , Farmer

    Today Johan gave my Scottish Highlander Morag a second chance at life. She had an infection brewing and had been lame for some time. I am absolutely thrilled with Johan's service, professionalism and calm and quiet manner. He was so patient with Morag as she was very hesitant about going into the crush, but he gave her the time she needed to settle and walk in.

    Helena Gratkowski, Farmer

    Excellent. Highly recommended, cows calm and done in no time

    Scott Bixley, Farmer

    Awesome day with hoofman highly recommend will be getting him back 10/10

    Chris Hadlington, Farmer

    Johan is the best I've ever seen when it comes to lame cows.

    Gareth Morrissey, Farmer

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