Hoof Education

Understanding hoof issues and why cows become lame is essential when keeping your herd healthy and maximising production. Listen in below and let Johan answer your common hoof questions.


Why Hoof Trim Cows

Even a small injury to a cow’s hoof will mean she alters her gait to protect the injured area. This changes her gait leading to further hoof changes and the potential for long term damage. Listen in to find out about these changes and how they’re impacting your bottom line.

Hoofman Equipment

Good equipment is key when maintaining hoof health in your herd. Find out which tools should only be used by experts and how we can help you maintain your hoof tools.

How to Trim a Cow’s Hoof

When trimming a cow’s hoof you want to think about three things: same length, same height, same bearing surface. Let us talk you through the five-step Dutch method to help you achieve these goals.

We Talk Front Feet

Lame cows with sore front feet are easy to identify but they are hard to treat safely in the shed without health and safety risks to either you or the cow. Let us show you how we expertly treat injured front feet in our WOPA cattle crush.

Why use Wooden Blocks

Wooden blocks are an important tool when treating lame cows as they elevate the weight off the injured claw to promote healing. Listen in to find out why we prefer wooden blocks and how to fit them correctly.


Cows must put their best feet forward

Rural News Group featured The Hoofman in an article where we compare your cows to race cars and talk about how to get the best performance from your herd.

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We had The Hoofman in for the first time and were amazed how great a job he does and the cows love it, so relaxed. We will be getting him back again

Andrew Dreadon , Farmer

On behalf of my parents Shaun and Vanessa Dempsey. We were really impressed with the set up. Johan provided a very clean, tidy, professional service and was happy to take the time to explain each process,the cows weren't stressed at all. Many Thanks

Vance Dempsey, Farmer's Son

Still in awe of this mornings visit from Johan and his set up. What a fantastic, easy, no drama way to do cows feet. Super fast and knowledgeable. Love Love Love ... will be using The Hoofman again 

Catherine Terry, Farmer

Thanks a lot Johan. I was very impressed with ur machine and the job that was done. Cows were not stressed at all. Will see u again for sure.

Brad Critchley, Farmer

Genuinely cannot believe how amazing Johan is - first time observing Johan at work and can not rate him enough.

I am really nosy and ask a million questions anyway, so it was great to be able to have a chat while he was working.

Cows were calm and well looked after.

Definitely the top man for the job!

Jacinta Lee Joy , Farmer

Today Johan gave my Scottish Highlander Morag a second chance at life. She had an infection brewing and had been lame for some time. I am absolutely thrilled with Johan's service, professionalism and calm and quiet manner. He was so patient with Morag as she was very hesitant about going into the crush, but he gave her the time she needed to settle and walk in.

Helena Gratkowski, Farmer

Excellent. Highly recommended, cows calm and done in no time

Scott Bixley, Farmer

Awesome day with hoofman highly recommend will be getting him back 10/10

Chris Hadlington, Farmer

Johan is the best I've ever seen when it comes to lame cows.

Gareth Morrissey, Farmer

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